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Making as Thinking @ PS SIGCHI

A couple of us will be presenting at Puget Sound SIGCHI tonight to discuss the role of making in the way we think about and approach new ideas.  Detailed information can be found on the event page; here’s a summary of what we’ll be talking about:

Beta has become the new Release model.  This change in expectation invites immediate experimentation and the creation of dynamic systems that evolve and are realized in real time.The impact of rapid prototyping on the practices of design, engineering, and production is substantial; what does “measure twice, cut once” mean when material is infinite and lessons can be learned from each cut?  The exponential growth of the maker community produces new tools for easier and more accessible making.

The resulting pool of open source software and creative commons media can be used to quickly create dynamic functional prototypes, often faster and richer than ideas jotted down in a notebook.

And if you’re attending and want to follow along with our examples, here’s some helpful links.


  1. Thanks for the thought-provoking presentation at yesterday’s SIGCHI meeting. I’m the guy who was chatted with you about webkit. I’ve been having fun checking out your other posts and following up on the local communities you mentioned, including and

    (btw, the comment form is hidden below the screen, so it’s not clear what to do next when you click on the link to add a comment to a post)


  2. Hi Samuel. Great to talk with you yesterday at PS SIGCHI.

    I’m working on putting together some resources for a future post about HTML5 and helpful javascript libraries. Hopefully that can be part of a discussion of how to better prototype UIs on mobile devices (such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones, etc) using a browser.

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