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DIY Soft iPhone and iPad Stylus

As much as we all love finger painting, drawing is often more precise and comfortable when using a marking tool.  It’s exciting to see capacitive multi-touch screens become the norm, but the range of stylus options is still pretty limited.

Current iPhone and iPad drawing tools fall into two camps: foil sticks and wet wands.  Foil sticks are pretty straight forward to make.  Just grab a sheet of aluminum and roll/crumple it into a pencil shape.  The only problem is that the part that touches the screen is hard and needs to be pretty large, requiring the user to write at a very specific angle.  On the other side, wet wands use a soft, wet element to interact with the screen, such as a sausage or a q-tip.  They work well for a while, but either need to be frequently rehydrated or start to go bad.

We’ve been experimenting with conductive foams and fabrics in search of a middle ground.  Fortunately, it’s quite easy to make a soft, conductive writing tool using some pretty basic materials.  All you need is a pencil, an anti-static sock (such as this one, with X-Static in the foot area which contains conductive silver thread), and some patience to cut and sew it all together.

See the detailed step-by-step instructions in our Soft iPhone and iPad stylus instructable.


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  4. My friend Catherine reminded me that you can use your tongue to take a picture so you don’t have to take your gloves off. Faster and easier than carrying and using a stylus!

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